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Major Assignment #1

This assignment was to create a source based article. We were to go beyond just summarizing and analyze the pieces we chose to show a connection between genre, audience and rhetorical situation. This was to get us started on creating our theory of writing. I have included my three drafts to show the progression of my work. A reflection is included to share my thoughts on my work.

Major Assignment 1 Draft 1

Major Assignment 1 Draft 2

Major Assignment 1 Final Draft

Major Assignment 1 Reflection


3 thoughts on “Major Assignment #1

  1. Hi Sarah!!
    I would love it if you could peer review my Major Assignment number 1, and I will go ahead and peer review yours!
    Thank you so much – Lauren

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  2. Hello Sarah!

    I see that you’ve finalized your Major Assignment One. A small suggestion I have right off the bat is placing some type of indication on your page of what this assignment entails – that way, those who aren’t in our intermediate composition class or have the same understanding of this course curriculum can still benefit from your thoughts and analysis. Another suggestion is to review your Major Assignment One again for the missing page numbers you have.

    I like the way you started off your paper – your metaphor of following a recipe is something many people can understand and relate to. At the end of your paper, you tied it back to this metaphor – I found this to be effective in keeping my attention.
    You spent a considerable amount of time on each piece, but I do think they could have been integrated better. Instead of discussing each piece one by one, perhaps discussing them all together will allow your claims of connected key terms to be more clear. For example, in your last paragraph, you state “All 3 pieces clearly show a relationship between the rhetorical situation, genre and the audience the ingredients to a successful piece.” I agree, because you explained it piece by piece…but how did they do that together? What were ideas and concepts the writings shared to make that evident?

    Also, If you had any questions or wanted feedback on something specific, I’d love to help!

    My email is, and my wordpress site is if you had a chance to check it out and maybe peer-review some of my work. Thank you!!


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