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Major Assignment 2

This assignment was to analyze information from sources we researched and explore the role of genres in presenting the research as well as the audiences for their topics. I have included my three drafts as well as the building block stages to show the progression of my work. A reflection is included to share my thoughts on this project.

Major Assignment 2 Final Draft

Major Assignment 2 Reflection

Major Assignment 2 Draft 2

Major Assignment 2 Draft 1

Works Cited Assignment 2

Building Block #2.1 Major Assignment 2

Building Block 2.3 Major Assignment 2

Below is the link to view my video update. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Major Assignment 2

  1. Great paper I feel like you could have a better question. It’s great that you have stated you want to find the benefits of breast feeding, but maybe you could reword the question and ask whether or not it is beneficial based on your research. Also you did a fantastic job at using experiences of different women. I would add some clinical research as well to help back up the experience of the women. Great job and good luck with the rest of you’re paper!

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  2. I like how your paper includes a lot of real life situations and conversations. This makes reading the paper a lot easier than just being told facts about people. I agree too that what you are talking about could be stated more clearly in the beginning. It is obvious you are talking about breast feeding but state more of what you want readers to get out of this paper.


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