Transfer and learning as shown in How People Learn go hand in hand with one another. Learning alone isn’t very helpful. You just have a stockpile of facts and information. You need to be able to reflect on this information and transfer relevant pieces to the task at hand. Chapter 2 mentions how we must sort through and organize our knowledge so it is useful.  Chapter 3 shows how we can then take that knowledge and then transfer it across different environments. This really shows our understanding of a topic and that we have learned from it. Prior knowledge if used correctly can help along this process, we need to know how to take the relevant parts and apply them to the new information.

Developing our theory of writing throughout the semester has been very similar to this process. We started with our previous knowledge of writing and what it meant to use. While completing blog post and different activities we were able to start to organize this knowledge. We also had the ability to transfer that knowledge into different scenarios to get a fuller understanding of it. Looking back we can use all the experience gained across the different activities to establish patterns and better organize your knowledge so you can pick and choose what is relevant to transfer when completing future tasks. For example we learned about many genres this semester but will not need to use all of this knowledge when writing a future essay. We will need to be able to sort through all the experience gained and just apply necessary aspects like who is audience and what is our purpose?

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