Originally I am ashamed to say that I was very similar to the students mentioned in Bergman and Zerpernick’s article.  I just considered English 1001 to be another class to check off a long list of requirements. I felt that they were talking about me when they said, “Students do think of writing skills as “portable” from one discipline or context to another; several participants reported having gained much of their current writing ability (the writing skills they use regularly in a variety of settings) in courses such as history, chemistry, or metallurgy.” Soon after taking the class however I had to start writing papers for other classes. This knowledge of MLA and APA was very helpful in formatting the papers but still it was mainly just the basics at this point. Finally I had a chance to really use the material covered in the class when I took public speaking. There were several genres covered and I was able to use what I learned in English 1001 to help compose these pieces as there was little to no review of what was expected in each type.

Looking forward and after intermediate composition I feel that these are tools I will be using in all aspects of life not just in the classroom. I come across situations all the time where I am required to compose a variety of pieces. I host several events a year which require invitations and know I have different aspects of genre and audience I will consider when composing them. Also work requires me to communicate with people through many different channels. Before this class I never considered how each was different and should be used in their own unique way but now I will. Assignment 3 really hit this point home that I will be able to alter my writing based on the format and specific reason for writing the piece and who I am writing it for.