Over the semester we have been able to view many different types of writing. Not only genres but different contexts as well, at first I didn’t consider the context as separate from the genre but looking back it is clear that this is another separate piece to the puzzle.   You can write in the genre of a speech for example but depending on the context of the speech you’re working and tone may be quite different. When starting to work on assignment 3 it became more apparent how the context affects the information presented in the piece. Initially I assumed that all my research would be done as I had already examined the topic for the paper but this was not the case.

Each genre I chose was different and had a different purpose. Due to this much of the information I had already compiled didn’t apply. In some cases I also needed additional information as it took the topic a step further. It was interesting to see how each piece made me think differently. The infographic was just providing basic facts so this was very simple and to the point. I wanted to convey the information in a simple direct form so it could be quickly and easily reviewed and understood. The magazine article I wanted to give more details regarding specific examples and dig deeper into the emotions attached to the subject. The speech will be in the same more personal level but organized differently.

The two Al Gore pieces also displayed how the same topic can be displayed differently. Both the speech and documentary discussed global warming but in very different ways. The speech was very formal and was more a presentation of facts. The documentary grabbed my interest more. The visuals helped and just the tone I felt made it much more interesting. A lot had to do with the audience. The documentary was trying to get people interested in and aware of the topic. The speech was to people that were aware just confirming the importance and findings.