McLuhan defines medium as the method of delivery for a piece. He feels that the method has a very large effect on the meaning of the piece, sometimes even more than the content.  Modality is the writer’s opinions towards the world.  Each quartet in Yancey’s piece helped to support this. First he mentions how writers today write less for grades and more for value as a lot of writing is done outside the classroom. Writers use their views to determine what type or information to present to provide the most value based on their world view.  Quartet Two he starts off by mentioning that writers use their own history. A person’s history and experience will lead them to their views which in term are apparent in their writing. Depending on the genre an author may have to work to avoid this.

Bedford Book of genres defines medium as a compositions final form of mechanism that it is delivered in. This could be print, digital or face-to-face.  This is similar to the genre in the fact that what method you chose will affect the content of your piece.  Also technology has had a large effect on the medium. Advances in technology first have made so many new options available.  These new options create new genres and ways to share and expand our knowledge. Yancey states in his article the different aspects that you should consider when composing a piece. These different pieces he mentions tie into the rhetorical situation. All of which are things to consider when working on assignment three. The way you speak, the layout and even the information p[provided in each genre will depend on the medium and audience.

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