Genre is a style or guide used when composing a paper based on the reason you are writing it and the audience it is meant for.  I feel that when the author considers both the purpose of their piece and the audience it is meant for it will direct them to the appropriate drama. That being said I agree with Bazerman that the genre is a general outline for the piece. For example when reading through everyone’s papers for assignment two even though they are inquiry based papers no two are alike. They have similarities in setup and style but are unique.

For assignment three I am planning to use the required infographic, I will use this to summarize the information I originally found and the pros and cons I identified while completing my research paper.  A second genre I had wanted to use was a magazine article advocating for the need of further education regarding common struggles so mothers don’t feel like failures. Third is a self-help type of speech for mothers in a lactation class. I will focus on both sides of the story and letting them know that any issues they face are not a reflection of them as a parent and some options to help deal with these feelings.